Balloon Sinus Dilation

Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

Dr. Morton, the most recognized balloon sinus surgeon in the East Texas area, utilizes a full range of balloon technologies in the performance of Balloon Sinus Dilation. He uses the Entellus Express Ultra Multi-sinus Dilating instrument for the majority of his cases. These procedures involve the treatment of sinus obstruction using a precise LED light-guided instrument placed in the natural outflow tract of each sinus under direct endoscopic visualization. A balloon mounted on the instrument is passed directly over the lighted instrument into the sinus and inflated to gently but effectively dilate the outflow tracts and alleviate sinus obstruction, greatly reducing the frequency of sinusitis.

The effectiveness has been proven in many studies using these very instruments. Since it is not necessary to remove bone or tissue to create large, unnatural openings in the sinuses and achieve this result, patients usually experience no discomfort and recover quickly from the procedures. In most cases, the patients are back to work in 24-48 hours and require no post-procedure medications. Even patients on aspirin or blood thinners do not have to stop these medications before their procedures, further decreasing health risks when these procedures are done in the office.