When to Get Evaluated For the 5 Common Symptoms of a Balance Disorder

Balance Disorder MT Pleasant TXLiving with a balance disorder when living in Mt Pleasant, TX can be a huge disruption to functioning normally on a daily basis. There are many causes of balance disorders, and based on your symptoms, general health, medical tests and evaluation there are many treatment options. If you exhibit these 5 common symptoms, it’s time for you to be evaluated for a balance disorder:

  1. Dizziness or vertigo
  2. Feeling of falling
  3. Lightheadedness
  4. Visual blurring
  5. Disorientation

Dr. Morton at East Texas Sinus & Dizziness Center can help evaluate your condition to give you the best treatment options so you can return to a functional life. Call us today at (920)569-0325 to schedule an appointment or visit us online at www.easttexassinus.com for more information.

Published by seocontent on: June 13, 2016
Category: Balance Disorders