Six Common Causes of Sinus Health Problems and How to Fix Them

Sinus Health Longview TXSinus health problems affect almost thirty-seven million people in the United States every year. Generally speaking, the cause of the sinus problems is relatively simple: blockage of the nasal passage. The cause of the obstruction, however, is a little more complicated. Several factors can lead to sinus health issues and sometimes chronic infections.

Air Humidity

Mucus trapped inside the sinuses can become thick over time. If the problem is not solved, it can lead to sinusitis. Keep the air in your home and at work as moist as possible. Drink lots of water, avoid caffeine whenever possible and use a humidifier during the winter months.


Allergies can be a catalyst of inflammation, and this inflammation can lead to nasal blockage. If you have allergies avoid substances and circumstances that can lead to a reaction. Consider taking an antihistamine product to help in alleviating the problem.

Bacteria and Viruses

If you have a cold that has lasted more than two weeks, you may acquire a bacterial or viral infection. Bacteria and viruses can complicate sinus infections and block your nasal passages. If you are experiencing this type of health problem, speak with your health care provider about taking a decongestant to deal with the sinus congestion or an antibiotic to get rid of the infection altogether. Be sure to wash your hands regularly to reduce the possibility of spreading germs.


If you travel a lot, you may find yourself suffering from sinus problems. The reduction in air pressure can lead to a buildup of pressure within your head. This pressure can lead to blocked air passages and sinuses. The problem is generally worst during the departure and landing portion of a flight. If you have to fly, consider taking a decongestant before you takeoff to keep your nasal passage clear.


Cigarette and cigar smoke can irritate your sinuses and lead to inflammation of the tissue. The swelling can make you prone to sinus infections. Whether you are the one smoking or you are around someone else who smokes, it’s best to put the cigarettes or cigars away.


Avoid spending time in a chlorinated pool if you tend to get congested or experience chronic sinus infections. Chlorine can irritate the lining of your nasal passage. Diving into a pool can cause other sinus problems. The pressure of water being forced into the sinus can also irritate the nasal passage and lead to inflammation.

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