Sinus Treatment for Nasal Obstruction in Mt Pleasant TX

Sinus Treatment MT Pleasant TXOver twenty million Americans suffer from nasal obstruction, a common sinus problem. Nasal obstruction restricts the flow of air through the nose and can have a negative impact on a patient’s quality of life.

Nasal Obstruction Symptoms

Symptoms of nasal obstruction can include:

  • Blockage or obstruction of the nasal passages
  • Congestion and stuffiness
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Inability to breathe appropriately during activities of exertion and exercise

Nasal Obstruction Causes

A common cause of nasal obstruction is nasal valve collapse, NVC. Nasal valve collapse occurs when the lateral cartilage is too fragile and collapses inward during inhalation of air. This condition is as common among sinus patients as turbinate hypertrophy and septal deviation.

Nasal Obstruction Diagnosis

Your healthcare provider will ask you to complete a medical history survey and will also perform a comprehensive examination to determine your health issue. Lighted scopes and imaging technology may be used to support a diagnosis.

Nasal Obstruction Treatment Options

The typical initial treatment of nasal obstruction is medication. This treatment option can address allergies and other reversible conditions that can lead to swelling of the nasal passage. Your healthcare provider can also prescribe a steroid nasal spray to reduce inflammation of the turbinates and the nose. If the medications are unsuccessful,  a variety of surgical procedures can also reduce the turbinates which use a tissue-shaving device or radiofrequency energy.

Nasal obstruction can also be treated through a procedure in which an absorbable nasal device is implanted to support the weak lateral nasal cartilage. The implant helps sinus patients to breathe better by reducing the symptoms of nasal obstruction. A small incision is made in the nose. The device is inserted through the incision. Patients who have experienced this procedure report that they are better able to breathe and see little difference in their appearance.

Studies of patients who have had the procedure indicate:

  • A reduction in stuffiness and congestion
  • A reduction in nasal obstruction and blockage
  • Less difficulty in breathing through the nose
  • Improvement in ability to breathe through the nose during activities of exertion and exercise
  • Less difficulty in sleeping

Risks involved in an implant procedure include:

  • Mild bruising
  • Mild inflammation
  • Mild pain and irritation
  • Awareness of the implant device

If you are experiencing symptoms of nasal obstruction, speak with your health care provider. Your doctor can refer you to a sinus specialist who can discuss all of the possible sinus treatment options with you.

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