If You’re Suffering from Hearing Loss, Infection Could be the Cause

Hearing Loss MT Pleasant TXIf asked to give up one of their five senses, hearing loss for Mt. Pleasant TX residents would probably rank at the bottom of the list. Your hearing is a priority because it facilitates simple communication, allows people to enjoy entertainment such as music and movies, and it connects them to the surrounding world. Think about it. What do you hear right now?

It isn’t just loud noises that can put hearing at risk. Your health plays a part, too. That’s why it’s vital to seek treatment for illnesses you might consider minor, such as a sinus infection. Because your sinuses and your ears are in such close proximity, an infection can easily spread, resulting in damage that can cause hearing loss in Mt. Pleasant TX patients that ranges from partial and temporary to complete and permanent.

What do Sinuses Have to do With It?

Most people have experienced “stuffy” ears accompanying a cold or other upper respiratory issue. It’s typically caused by inflammation and discharge from the sinuses that puts pressure on the eardrums. In general, the condition is inconvenient, as it can be frustrating to hear the world as if listening through a seashell. Usually, hearing is restored once the infection clears up and excess fluid drains away, alleviating the pressure. However, Deaf Linx reveals that, if left untreated, a sinus infection can spread to the ears, which can not only result in even more pressure and fluid in the ears, but the infection itself can seriously damage the small bones of the middle ear. Once that happens, hearing loss for Mt. Pleasant TX patients can be permanent.

Viral Infections are Risky, Too

In addition to sinus infections running rampant, other illnesses can pose a threat to your hearing. Hearing loss can be caused by viral infections, too, according to Web MD, and they’re the same viral infections that are responsible for the flu and other upper respiratory infections. Hearing loss due to a viral infection is a crap shoot–your hearing may completely return once the infection clears up, but there’s also a chance that you may get only partial hearing back, or possibly none at all.

If you experience hearing loss in Mt. Pleasant TX and aren’t sure of the cause, you can be sure of the treatment when you visit East Texas Sinus and Dizziness Center. Dr. Ronald Morton is a board certified Otolaryngologist who has been practicing in the East Texas area for nearly 20 years. With experience, skill, and a desire to improve quality of life for his patients, Dr. Morton offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment right in his clinic. Call the East Texas Sinus and Dizziness Center at 920-569-0325 today to safeguard your hearing.

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