How to Prepare for Spring Allergy Season

While the spring season may be a joyous period of rising temperatures, new growth, and refreshing renewal, increased plant growth means higher levels of pollen in the air. Suffering from seasonal allergies is never an enjoyable experience, however, preparing in the best way possible can make an incredible difference once summer rolls around.

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Seasonal allergies are often your immune system’s response to foreign matter or natural irritants in the air. Your immune system responds to pollen or dander exposure by producing antibodies like immunoglobulin E, culminating in a less than enjoyable experience and physical reaction. In most cases, your body’s effort to fight irritants interferes with everyday life and normal routines. Irritating symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and skin inflammation make up the most telltale symptoms of spring allergies.

The following tips can be extremely valuable in preparing to face unavoidable spring allergies:

Start Treatment Earlier than Later

One of the most important preparatory steps in combating spring allergies involves locating and using a suitable allergy medication at least two or three weeks before allergy season starts. Finding an appropriate and effective antihistamine medication or nasal steroid spray can make the world of difference once plant pollen reaches irritating levels.

Start on Spring Cleaning

A deep spring cleaning is important in fighting to remove irritating allergens and dust from your home before things get worse. Dusting and washing light fixtures, bookshelves, curtains, floors, rugs, and even furniture is essential in eliminating harmful irritants that have already made it inside your home.

Keep an Eye on Local Pollen Reports

Monitoring local pollen reports can help you prepare and anticipate for the worst of symptoms. Planning in advance can help you anticipate and avoid peak pollen hours of the day.

Keep the Windows Closed

Although warmer temperatures and a nice breeze may tempt you to open up the windows in your car or home, keeping them closed is likely the only path to creating a safe, pollen-free environment.

Adjust Diet

Increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet supplies your body with powerful antioxidants and chemicals that are crucial in fighting inflammation that comes with allergic reactions.

Utilize Physical Protection

A pair of sunglasses and a ball cap that covers and shields sensitive areas of inflammation can make a noteworthy difference in cutting down potent symptoms and irritation.

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Published by seocontent on: February 11, 2020
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