Five Major Myths About Having Sinus Treatment Surgery in Longview TX

Allergy Treatment Longview TXFear of the unknown and misinformation are two reasons why people avoid sinus surgery. Despite the many examples, there are still misconceptions about having sinus surgery. Here are five myths people have about having surgery to relieve sinus issues.

  1. Your sinuses will eventually drain – Depending on the severity of sinusitis; symptoms can last from four weeks to 3 months without treatment.
  2. Scraping is part of the surgical procedure – The removal of delicate mucosa lining or scraping causes more bleeding and slows healing.
  3. Nose packing is still necessary – Because of modern surgical techniques, the need to pack your nose to absorb excess fluids during healing is minimal.
  4. The healing process is long – Unlike most surgical procedures, recovery time is one to two weeks.
  5.  Sinus surgery costs too much – Ideally, do verify coverage with your insurance carrier, but most insurance plans cover sinus surgery.

When getting sinus treatment in Longview, Texas, know that make sure you’re getting the right treatment for your symptoms. For the leading care in Longview, visit Dr. Morton at East Texas Sinus. Learn more at

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Published by seocontent on: November 3, 2018
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