Are Your Ears Plugged or Do Your Ears Need to be Popped in Longview?

Ear Tubes Longview TXDo your ears feel clogged or like they need to pop? The professional term for this is barotrauma. When someone experiences sickness or altitude changes, their Eustachian tubes close. To open your middle ear again, there are safe techniques to utilize.

Yawning or forcing a yawn can open your middle ear tubes.
Pinching your nose and blowing through it can force pressure to be alleviated.
Swallowing, sucking on candy, or sipping water can also help.

If your ears still feel clogged or in need of a “pop”, let the trusted Longview specialists help you. To inquire about ear tubes in Longview Texas, visit East Texas Sinus. Visit

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Published by seocontent on: February 16, 2019
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