Do Nasal Strips Work?
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Sawing logs, calling hogs, cracking corn, and cutting gourds are slightly exaggerated, yet synonymous terms to describe the agonizing sound effects of snoring. For some of you, these sounds are annoyingly familiar, especially if your sleeping partner is keeping you up at night.

If the source your snoring issue relates to nasal congestion (cold or allergies) or a nasal obstruction problem (deviated septum), over-the-counter nasal strips can make a world of difference. Nasal strips are non-invasive, simply designed, and fairly priced, making them one of the most common remedies in combating snoring and nasal congestion. If you have serious nighttime nasal congestion or breath trouble, or if your nighttime breathing is negatively affecting your ability to sleep, contact a medical professional as soon as possible. East Texas Sinus & Allergy Center is the premier ENT specialist in Longview, TX. We help Longview breath better.

How do Nasal Strips work?

Nasal strips or nasal dilators consist of a band-aid-like material and adhesive tape, which encircle a hard plastic splint. Tightly spreading a nasal strip over the nose works to effectively lift the sides of the nostrils, opening nasal passages and increasing overall airflow. It’s a remarkably simple yet effective design.

How to use Nasal Strips?

  • Wash your face. Nasal strips don’t hold well on oily, moisturized, or wet skin. For the best and most effective results, make sure to apply the adhesive tape on dry clean skin.
  • Positioning. Place the nasal strip directly on the center of the nose, with the tabs spread onto the flared upper portion of the nostril. Avoid covering the entirety of the flared nostril area. With that in mind, remember that nasal strips come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different people.  Ensure you determine the most appropriate size of the strip beforehand.
  • Securing the Position. After carefully placing the strip, gently apply pressure over the surface of the adhesive to assure it remains in a firm and secure position throughout the night.

While a large number of studies report that nasal strips are one of the most effective over-the-counter treatment methods for nasal congestion and snoring, they may not universally work for everyone. If nasal strips only temporarily subdue symptoms of congestion and subsequent snoring, a proper medical evaluation may be required to identify and correctly treat the underlying cause.

As East Texas Sinus in Longview TX, our experienced medical staff will work to correctly diagnose and treat whatever the issue may be, from allergies to a potential deviated septum. For more information on nasal strips or treatments, contact our offices today.

Published by easttexas on: December 12, 2019
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