Dietary Changes to Help with Nose Polyps

Do you have strange bumps inside your nose? If so, you may have nasal polyps, which are soft non-cancerous growths. Most often, these growths resemble peeled grapes or teardrops. 

Nasal polyps are usually a result of chronic inflammation triggered by infection, asthma, or allergies. You may feel like you have a head cold,  pressure over the forehead, a runny nose, loss of taste, or pain in your teeth. 

Conventional treatment methods most commonly include steroids, sprays, or even surgery. It’s never a bad idea to explore natural home remedies and dietary changes first.

The following dietary adjustments and home treatments can be equally beneficial. 

Bromelain. Bromelain is a fiber-rich enzyme that helps reduce inflammation and boost immune systems. 

Magnesium. Leafy green vegetables, nuts, and seeds, containing magnesium relax body tissue and reduce inflammation. 

Zinc. Salmon, cocoa, and chickpeas contain Zinc which combats common colds and illness.  

Probiotics. Probiotics boost the immune system and strengthen sinus health. 

Avoid Alcohol & Food Allergens. Alcohol and food allergens irritate sinus problems and worsen symptoms. Create a plan to eliminate them from your diet. 

Remember that in most cases, nasal polyps aren’t dangerous. That said, contact East Texas Sinus in Longview, TX for information or treatment options.

Published by osky-blue-support on: September 12, 2019
Category: Sinus Care