Common Treatments for Balance Disorders

Are you aware that balance disorders can stem from injuries or infections to the inner ear?

If you’re constantly feeling dizzy, off-balance, or lightheaded, it’s extremely important you receive the right treatment in the most timely manner. Visiting a doctor and being properly diagnosed is the first and most important step towards relieving discomfort and improving your quality of life when it comes to a balance disorder.

A balance disorder that is triggered by an inner ear issue is extremely difficult to live with. The range of treatment options include physiotherapy, therapy, prescribed medications, and even surgery in some cases.

If you are currently suffering from a balance disorder, here are a few practical suggestions that will help on your road to recovery.

Practice balance retraining exercises. Start with simple movements of the head and eyes while sitting down and standing up. Initially, this may make you a little dizzy but will go a long way in restoring your movement.

Try vestibular rehabilitation therapy. VRT is done by a trained vestibular or physical therapist that will help you through a series of training exercises that strengthen your coordination and balance skills.

Consider listening therapy and devices to restore hearing. Balance disorders are often linked to hearing loss. Investigate the potential benefits of listening therapy or implants in the ear to correct the issue.

Adopt a diet to maintain fluid and blood stability. Regulating food and water intake is important to keep the inner-ear fluid stable. Implement a healthy and nutrient-rich meal plan, eating at regular intervals throughout the day.

Of course, these are just a few of the various mainstream and alternative treatment options. It’s imperative you get help in time to prevent a potentially dangerous fall or accident, waiting to happen. Discuss a treatment plan with a certified Professional at East Texas Sinus today. Schedule an appointment at East Texas Sinus in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, for a trusted opinion.

Published by easttexas on: August 8, 2019
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